Policy Brief Series

Our Policy Brief Series is made up of soft-read summaries of research findings and policy recommendations, fruit of the research work done by the Institution and its Associate Fellows. Its main objective is to promote evidence-based policy dialogue. Their main appeal lies in the fact that they are beneficial to a wide spectrum of stakeholders ranging from policy makers, policy advisors, technocrats, non-governmental organizations, the academia, civil society groups and international development partners.

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AfriHeritage Policy Brief 1: Unlocking the potentials of Agriculture and Forestry for Growth and Poverty Reduction.

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 2: Unlocking the Business Environment in Nigeria: The BECANS Solution

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 3: Business Environment Fact Sheet

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 4: Poverty Reduction through Cost Effective Agriculture Growth Options

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 5 : Driving and Sustaining Agricultural Growth in Nigeria

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 6 : The Nigerian Economy and Efforts towards accelerated Growth

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 7: Challenges of Energy Poverty in Sub Saharan Africa

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 8: Nigeria: A Prognosis of 2017

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 9: Towards a New Leadership for a Broken Nation: The Imperative of Restructuring

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 10: Business Environment in Nigerian States 2016- Business Environment and Competition across Nigerian States

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 11: Restructuring the South East Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC)

AfriHeritage Policy Brief 12: Beyond the Card Reader: Election Rigging as an Emerging National Security Threat in Nigeria 

AfriHeritage Policy Briefs 13: Alternative Financing for Infrastructural Development in Nigeria

AfriHeritage Policy Briefs 14: Poverty and Social Violence in Africa

AfriHeritage Policy Briefs 15: Tax Waivers for Multi-Nationals