Policy Paper Series

The Enugu Forum Policy Papers Series publishes the proceedings and outcomes of workshops, conferences, seminars or public lectures held by the Enugu Forum. The Series provides documentation of the topical presentations, debate, comments and perhaps consensus at the Forum. It is intended to disseminate the Forum’s intellectual discourse to a wider audience. At its very core lies the aim of stimulating broader policy debate and promoting multi-perspective dialogue on policy options. Enugu Forum Policy Papers constitute an advocacy instrument to canvass alternative development solutions and policy roadmaps, for the overall purpose of enriching the policy discourse in the country. The Series also draws attention of government, private sector and civil society to salient dimensions of contemporary development challenges in Nigeria.

  • Policy Paper 1: The "Econolegal" Implications of Mortgage of Right of Occupancy
  • Policy Paper 2: Poverty Reduction Strategies towards the MDGs: Lessons for Nigeria
  • Policy Paper 5: Communicating Policy Reforms: Between Government, Press and People
  • Policy Paper 7: Policy Challenges for Microfinance Design and Practice in Nigeria
  • Policy Paper 8 : Unleashing Industrial Clusters for Growth and Prosperity in South East Nigeria
  • Policy Paper 9 : Challenges of Mortgage Finance in Nigeria: Questions of Access and Sustainability
  • Policy Paper 10 : Implications of Climate Change for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
  • Policy Paper 12: Community-Directed Intervention and Healthcare Provision in Nigeria