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AfriHeritage Research Paper

The AfriHeritage Research Paper Series publishes some of the scientific output from the Instituion's Research Programme and other research done by Associate Fellows. It provides a channel for the dissemination of scientific inquiry and critical analysis to the academia, scientific community, policy makers, civil society and interested readers. The Research Papers derive from rigorous conceptual, theoretical and empirical analyses, employing cutting-edge methods, tools and techniques. Papers in the Series are subjected to independent peer review and scientific validation by experts in the relevant disciplines and topics. The Research Paper Series seeks to engender high quality scientific and intellectual discourse on key development questions, and hence, enhance strategic understanding of policy and programmatic options.

RP. No.  9Public Spending Effectiveness and Distribution of Education and Health Services Benefits in Nigeria (2013)

RP. No.  8Drivers and Sustainability of Agricultural Growth in Nigeria

RP. No.  7Towards Accelerated Growth and Transformation of the Nigeria Economy: Missed Opportunities, Existing Prospects and the Way Forward

RP. No.  6Cost-Effective Agriculture Growth Options for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: Evidence and Policy implications

RP. No.  5On the Determinants of Energy Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

RP. No.  4Has Autonomy of State Governments Bolstered Achievement of MDGs in Nigeria

RP. No.  3Measurement and Explanation of the Informal Sector of the Nigerian Economy

RP. No.  2Does Subsidy Removal Hurt the Poor? Evidence from Computible General Equilibrium Analysis

RP. No.  1Renewable Natural Resources, Sustainable Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction In Nigeria

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